Set a foundation for a rewarding career in the Maritime Transport industry...
In as little as 16 weeks, anywhere in the world - on your own time!

The West Coast Maritime Institute was founded to provide quality courses for new entrants to the transport industry. We are committed to developing employees to their full potential through quality online programs, video tutorials and mentoring. Our online courses are based on researched learning modules with interactive websites, and our tutors are committed to participant development through meaningful interaction.

We set a foundation for a rewarding career through our 16 week foundation courses, and 12 week advanced courses - delivered online, anywhere in the world! Study modules are emailed out to our students, who then complete the assignments and email them back.

Enhanced learning modules with links to more information online, video lectures, personal tutoring and group discussions - all designed to giving you the best return on your investment.

Interactive - Study groups are available in major ports... be a part of a community that helps mentor new students, and whose goal is to encourage each other to learn and develop. Work on your own time... when you want, where you want! Your computer is your classroom, and a doorway to a whole new world of personal, interactive learning. Rewarding - students receive commendation certificates for outstanding assignments, and recognition from their peers in the industry on Facebook and LinkedIn. Receive recommendendations from your instructor and tutors, improving your reputation in the World Wide Maritime Group. Informational - receive weekly news briefs, links to relevant articles and blog posts to help increase your awareness of events currently affecting the Maritime Transport Industry.

Let us parter with you to obtain a career or advance your career in the transport industry.

"build a foundation for a rewarding career by turning your computer into a classroom"